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After our 50 year reunion in 2002, we are certain that much of the success of Tanugas’ future lies with it’s past. We were reminded that the many traditions making Tanuga what it is today, stem from the generations that came before us. That is why it is important to keep the Tanuga family connected, as well as involved. It is through this extended family that these traditions are maintained, and the spirit will endure. Our goal today is to stay connected for the next 50 years, so that our children have the same feeling of belonging, to something so special, as we have.

Modern technology has made it much easier than ever before to stay in touch. We will do our part in providing you with the latest in
Camp Tanuga events, photos, and gear. You will also be able to find all your old camp friends & counselors. Why you’ll even be able to send your kids to camp with their kids! Or not...

We hope you enjoy the site. Remember the camp season never ends, it just gets a little colder. Keep the memories fresh, and pass them on. Wakonda is watching...

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