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Tanuga is deeply committed to the philosophy of a traditional camping experience. Values, as depicted by our respect for nature, the enviornment, and the development of accepting others for who they are, stand out in our mission. Our objective for each camper is to build self-confidence, develop a cohesive family feeling and create the assurance of belonging.

The sense of accomplishment and confidence that develop each summer, carry over throughout the year into the camper’s classrooms, future relationships, and during periods of difficult transitions into adulthood.

Through the Tanuga experience and with the assistance of our dedicated staff, campers are able to attain these attributes. Tanuga encourages campers and staff alike to get to know one another and accept each individual for who they are. Strong friendships and respect for one another evolve, and personal accomplishments are reached. That’s when the “Tanuga Magic” truly happens, we’ve been told that the magic lasts a lifetime.

At the heart of all Tanuga programming lies the spirit of camp, known as the “Tanuga magic”. It is present throughout the summer and is a culmination of the many experiences occurring during the summer. The magic is in singing songs in the dining hall on a rainy morning, or seeing a young camper pass their swim test for the first time. It’s walking by a cabin at night, just before bed time, and hearing a cabin counselor spending those extra few moments with her campers, reviewing the day. It’ s in the eyes of campers returning from an overnight, so excited to share their stories, and oh yes, to get a shower! It can be seen on the high ropes course or the trapeze, where the group on the ground is talking to the individuals in the air, encouraging them to work through their fears. The spirit is never more evident than at summers end, when saddened faces reluctantly board the busses to head home for the winter. Hugs are exchanged, e-mail addresses swapped, journals signed, all agreeing to meet back next summer to do it all over again at TANUGA.

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop! Exciting evening programs are a big part of the camp experience. Campfires, hay rides, skit nights, talent shows, and theme nights are just a few of 75 possible evening programs. Periodically, the camp is divided for split programs. Boy-Girl, or younger-older splits provide opportunities for further bonding amongst campers. Most often, however, the Tanuga family stays together for evening events. Personal recognition for accomplishments throughout the summer happens weekly at traditional campfires. Complete with smores!